“Soprano Keiko Clark is a wondrous Butterfly… she possesses a lucent instrument, lyric and pure, forceful and distinct. She never falters in dispensing clear, elegant sound, and her joy at Pinkerton’s return is heartfelt and terribly moving.”

“The star of the show in name, presence and voice, was soprano Keiko Clark. From her first entrance as a naïve young girl to her final scene as a lunatic murderess (just before falling dead on the floor), Ms. Clark appeared completely at ease with her role, singing the fiery coloratura effortlessly, hitting and holding the high D’s every time. She also acted the part well, seeming to occupy her own universe when she went mad, unaware of the friends and family that surrounded her, or of her own savage actions toward her new husband, Arturo.”

“Ms. Clark inhabited Norina with a confidence and playfulness that brought just the right amount of weight to a comic role. The clarity and brightness of her voice was stunning, making a leap in sheer artistry that created an emotional connection with the audience.”
RepOperaCo BLOG

“Keiko Clark’s lovely soprano voice and well-developed characterization, as Norina, brought brightness to the overall performance.”

“Keiko is one of the treasures of this opera company, a supreme coloratura soprano who easily sang the vindictive Queen of the Night in a previous opera. She seems to get younger every time I see her perform, perfectly embodying and singing the young lover, yet with a voice that can soar over the ensemble when called for.”
RepOperaCo BLOG

“Equally refreshing is the character of Norina (Keiko Clark, soprano), as whimsical as a spring bird, as cute as a doll to contrast Pasquale’s meek nature in a timeworn frame… When approached by the scheming Malatesta, she readily plays the part of the bride-to-be and skillfully switches on different personas to conspire with him how best to charm Pasquale, alternating between coquettish and beguiled femininity.”
RepOperaCo BLOG

“Olympia… a role that Clark embodies with zest and conviction. The audience loved her staccato moves as her voice flirts with almost unreachable heights with the most natural ease and style.”

“The jewel of the night is Keiko Clark as Lucia… Clark brings the gift of her voice: emotionally textured, effortless in its range, transportive and transcendent.”

“As Queen of the Night, Keiko Clark sang her heart out and, much to the delight of the audience, nailed the infamous high Fs in ‘Der Hölle Rache’.”

“Soprano Keiko Clark… performed the work with superb vocal luster and total emotional commitment. The heartbreak pulsating in the notes… were brought to life through Clark.”
Crescenta Valley Weekly